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Services and Information

What We Can Offer You

Service Calls:
Repairs & Troubleshooting

If you need a simple fix, replacement, or just a few minor things installed or tidied up.  We're also experts at diagnosing and tracking down electrical issues and handling safety concerns.

New Installs

New fixtures (ceiling fans, lights, outlets, switches), LED upgrades, GFCI protection, smoke detectors, new circuits, new interior panels

Safety Inspections

We offer a more straightforward electrical inspection than a typical home inspection report, and we take into consideration the age of your home and what is/isn't considered safe and to-code.  We'll be honest with you: we'll tell you "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," or if you need to take action quickly.

Remodels, Rewires, Rebuilds

If you want to change the look of your home, refresh your old wiring, or your need more power to our home, we got you covered.

New Construction

Whether you're building a new home or business, we are there from the ground-up to make sure everything is safe and to-code.

Free Estimates

All of our estimates are free of charge* (see pricing below).  If you have a major project, or maybe just a lot of little things, we can give you an all-in-one price.

Additional Information

These documents are provided for your information and contains additional details and tips regarding electrical. (Requires a PDF reader).

How Much Do YOU ChARGE?

Prices range, but this can give you an idea of what you're looking at for your projects.  Please keep in mind these are ranges, are NOT all-inclusive, and costs will vary depending on materials needed, how long it takes, how many electricians are needed, how tall your ceilings are, attic/crawl space, how old your property is, on-site safety conditions, among other factors.
IMPORTANT NOTE - We have a company policy to NOT work on properties that are wired in aluminum wiring, and we do not install COP-ALUM fixtures.  The only thing we will do is re-wire your home in copper.  If all you want is repair work, we can provide a referral to a contractor that does work on aluminum.

Example Pricing

ESTIMATES - Estimates are free, even on big jobs.
*But if you have a set of plans that don't have an electrical section and need design, then we will charge a non-refundable $500 minimum for design.

SERVICE CALLS - replacing switches, outlets, ceiling fans, lights, circuit breakers, minor repairs, troubleshooting.  Most service calls are not more than 2 hours.  Inspections are quote-only.  Emergency or after-hours calls that are outside 8am-5pm, weekends, and holidays, have a 50% labor surcharge.

No Design Needed - FREE
Design Needed - $500 +

$185/hr and up
Plus Materials
(+ tax for commercial)

NEW INSTALLS - for projects that may involve minor construction (cutting a hole in drywall for a new outlet), minor additions and upgrades (installing pipe for a new circuit, replacing an interior panel, GFCI protection, LED upgrades).

(+tax for commercial)

REMODELS AND ADDITIONS - may require permits, usually requires a set of plans, and may involve multiple trades.  Re-wires and finish-out remodels fall into this category.  Contract and plans required.

Small - $10,000-$30,000
Large - $30,000 and up
(+tax for commercial)

SERVICE REBUILDS - if you need more power running to your property, or your breaker box is old, we work with the city and utility company to upgrade/replace your  equipment.  Contract and permit required.

$4,500 and up
(+ tax for commercial)

NEW CONSTRUCTION - from-the-ground-up new buildings that have never been there before, or brand-new commercial tenant spaces.  Permits, contract, and plans are required.

$100,000 and up

Payment Policies

  • We accept cash, check, credit card/ATM, Paypal, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Cash, and CashApp.

  • All payments are due at the time of service, unless we have a contract with you that specifies otherwise.

  • We do not offer financing at this time, nor do we have any agreements with insurance companies.  You are responsible for seeking funds and reimbursement.

Warranty Information

  • Labor is warrantied for 1 year from date of install, for our work only.  We cannot and will not warranty work done by other contractors, handymen, or homeowners.

  • If we installed something that caused a chain-reaction problem, we will work with you on a solution.

  • In some cases a client may provide their own fixtures (specialized dimmer switch, light fixture, ceiling fan, etc.), therefore we cannot warranty those fixtures.  If something turns out to be faulty, we can come replace it, but we reserve the right to charge an additional service call if it needs replacing due to manufacturer defect.

  • If we provided the materials (wire, basic outlets/switches, etc.) and they end up faulty, we MAY offer a warranty for replacement.  Each situation is unique in this regard.


Everyone has questions, so we'll try to answer them.

What are our qualifications?

  • We currently have 3 master electricians, 2 journeymen, and 1 apprentice, with a combined experience of over 80 years.

  • All are licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), which covers National Electric Code requirements.

  • We carry liability insurance.

  • We are licensed and independent contractors registered in the State of Texas.

Do we carry materials on our trucks?

Yes, the basics like wire, boxes, connectors, some stock plugs, switches, etc.  We don’t have enough room for a wide range selection, since fixtures come in so many styles and colors.  If you have a fixture that you’d like to use, you can get it ahead of time, or you can tell us what color plug/switch you need, and we can pick it up. 

Do we fix appliances, fixtures, phones, or internet lines?

No, we do not repair small or large appliances, data, or communications.  You will need to contact the appropriate contractor and/or handyman.  The only thing we deal with is the electrical power sources.  Check if your fan/light has a manufacturer’s warranty, and send it for repair or replacement.  If your light is beyond its warranty, you can bring it to a specialty lighting store for assessment.

Do you need a permit?

It depends.  Most service calls you don't, but many larger projects you do.  We will pull a permit if necessary, but we will charge for the cost of the permit and our time to procure it.  The price depends on the nature of the job and what city the work is being done in, and we will let you know beforehand what the cost will be if it is available. Typically if we bid a big project, we will include permits in our total cost.

What do you do if your power is out?

Don't panic.  Contact your utility company to see if there’s an outage.  If you are in Austin, it's Austin Energy.  If not, it will be Oncor, PEC, or Bluebonnet. If the outage is on their end, they are responsible to repair it.  If they determine if the problem is after their wires connect to your electric meter, that’s where we come in. This also applies if “half” or a section of your home has lost power, or only the larger appliances have stopped working – this is called a “lost leg,” and it’s a loss of your 240v supply.

Can we fix items on a home inspection report?

Absolutely!  Send us the inspection via email and let us know your situation.  However there are 2 things to keep in mind:

  1. If the report is not as detailed as we need it to be, we may need to see things in-person.

  2. National Electric Code is updated every 3 years, and inspectors usually reference the most recent code. So an item that was installed 5 years ago, but isn’t part of new code, may false-flag as a violation. In many cases, it’s not, and the installation is “grandfathered.” We know code, so we can tell you.

Do we work outside of Austin?

There are some areas outside of Austin that we will service, such as Round Rock, Pflugerville, Westlake, and Manchaca. Further out areas like Georgetown, Wimberley, Spicewood, Lakeway, Manor, Elgin, Hutto, Taylor, and Cedar Creek/Bastrop, we reserve the right to charge an additional travel charge, which we will disclose before scheduling.

Do you need to make a change to your contract?

Let us know what you want to add, change, and/or remove.  Your price will adjust accordingly.  All changes must be in-writing and approved by both us and you before making any changes.