Jackson Electric, Inc.  

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Who Are We?

We're YOUR electricians.

With almost 50 years in the business, and almost 80 years combined experience, you can be assured "we know what to do."

We are licensed, trained, insured, professional, creative, friendly, and problem-solving electricians.

We advise, troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, install, upgrade, and build.

And we can help you.

Our Team

Don - Master

Don started as a general contractor, and then transitioned to electrical in the 1980’s to partner with Butch on joint projects. After Butch passed, Don became our fearless leader and we’ve been powering on ever since.  Don is also an expert sport fisherman, and, as many have put it, “knows everyone in Austin.”

Connor - Master

Master Electrician

Kyle - Master

Master Electrician

Chase - Journeyman

Journeyman Electrician

Chris - Journeyman

Journeyman Electrician

Steven - Apprentice

Apprentice Electrician

Founder and history

Butch Jackson (1947-2015)

Original Mission Statement - “As a master electrician, my mission is to hire and train highly skilled professional electricians, provide competitive estimates and pricing, assure our organization delivers great service, assure our technical delivery is in compliance with the building codes and industry standards, and make sure our customers are truly cared for.”

Butch, a lifelong electrician and Master Electrician for over 40 years, founded Jackson Electric in the 1970’s.  His core principles were service, friendship, and care, and we keep those ideals at the forefront of how we run things.   Don Gordon, a good friend of Butch since the 1980's, began working with him on joint projects over the years. In early 2013, Don fully came on board at Jackson Electric, along with his two sons who are now Master Electricians themselves!

Butch unfortunately passed away on January 4, 2015.  He was not just our boss, he was our friend, and to many of us here, a father figure.  We will “endeavor to persevere” as he once put it, carrying on his love for life, friendly spirit and drive for creating strong relationships with others. So we have kept his name to carry that tradition forward.

Team Photos

Watch Mr. Mom to get this reference.Studying and Training for tests!Working Together on a Difficult Installation